Adjusting to Life With Arthritis

Living with arthritis isn’t always easy because the symptoms are often unpredictable. A bad day with arthritis can be very stressful. In addition, there are often worries about the future because it’s impossible to know with certainty how the disease will develop in a person. 

People suffering from arthritis pain can find relief at the Orthopaedic Institute of Henderson. As many as 54.4 million American adults have arthritis, and the orthopedic specialists in Henderson, Nevada, offer effective arthritis treatments.

How can arthritis change everyday life?

If you have arthritis, you might have stiff joints and pain in the morning, making it difficult for you to get up and start the day. Everyday tasks such as cooking and cleaning and fun hobbies like gardening or leisure activities can become a challenge as the disease progresses.

Most people with arthritis want to cope with everyday life despite the illness. The support of family members and friends is particularly important for this. It’s also essential that they understand the disease and the associated restrictions.

You can work

Aside from the need to make a living, work might be a vital part of your life. One's professional career is usually perceived as meaningful, stimulating, and a significant source of self-esteem. Not only does your work offer you financial independence, but the socialization aspect is often crucial.

You can drive

Whether you’re still working or not, it’s probably important that you can still drive if you have arthritis. Having your own transportation allows you to remain independent and mobile. It also enables participation in social life.

Yes, you can drive a car even with arthritis. Over time, however, your symptoms may make driving increasingly difficult. Looking over your shoulder, safely steering the vehicle, shifting gears, or reacting quickly to a dangerous traffic situation; all of this can cause problems. Fortunately, special vehicle conversions can help, such as additional mirrors for people who can no longer turn their heads. Plus, a car with an automatic transmission is easier to drive. 

Your self-esteem can remain intact

Arthritis affects mature adults and young people as well, and it can damage self-esteem. Pain and loss of strength can change one's self-image. Showing weakness and accepting help is often difficult. Many people with arthritis try to ignore the disease as much as possible because it doesn’t fit into their self-image. Self esteem can take a hit when you want to be in control and continue your normal life as best you can. However, this can be physically and emotionally stressful. Sometimes this behavior leads to depressing thoughts, frustration, and aggression.

Your relationship can remain unchanged

Arthritis changes not only your everyday life or professional life but also your relationships. The illness can influence various areas of your partnership like the division of labor in the household, joint plans, and leisure activities. Not taking part in celebrations and excursions or common sporting activities can lead to disappointment and resentment. It’s important not to blame others or yourself because nobody is to blame for the disease and its consequences.

Arthritis diagnoses and treatment

Our providers at the Orthopaedic Institute of Henderson perform a medical history review, review your symptoms, and order any necessary imaging tests, including X-rays.

After assessing your condition, an arthritis specialist recommends the best course of treatment for you. A variety of treatments is available for arthritis depending on its type and severity:

Joint injections are an option for patients suffering from chronic conditions like arthritis, as they can extend relief from painful inflammation without taking oral pain relievers. 

Book an appointment with the Orthopaedic Institute of Henderson online or by phone today to receive comprehensive arthritis treatment.

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